The mindpoint team

Flexibility, solution-oriented thinking and a forward-looking mindset combined with many years of experience, interdisciplinary expertise and entrepreneurial curiosity are the building blocks of our corporate DNA.

Why us?

Joy and fun at work.

We live what we do!

Integer. Reliable. High quality.

We have a very high standard of our work and we help you to achieve your goals!

Solution-oriented. Flexible.

A high degree of flexibility as well as solution-oriented thinking and acting in the interest of our customers is a matter of course for us!


Nothing is worse than the permanent misunderstandings between finance and IT. We are technically and professionally well trained and build bridges to both worlds!


We have many years of project experience with medium-sized companies as well as internationally operating corporations in a wide range of industries (e.g. media, mechanical engineering and pharmaceuticals)!

Nicole Kühnert
(managing director)

Introducing ourselves

In a rapidly changing world, it is essential to break new ground, to be innovative and flexible, and to adapt to the constantly changing environment in order to be successful in the long term. This is especially true to the major challenges of this time, such as digitalization, automation, artificial intelligence, sustainability and demographic change.

However, it is essential that all these changes be viewed as an opportunity with enormous potential and not as a risk. Future-proof concepts, product innovations and disruptive business models offer the opportunity to win new customer groups and open up new markets. For this to succeed, it is mandatory to adapt internal structures, such as those in the finance area, are adapted in addition to changes in the core business.

At mindpoint, we are happy to help you to optimize and automate your financial processes and systems and raise them to a new, future-proof and competitive level. With the support of our team of experts in the areas of finance and information technology, who also have many years of project experience, we relieve your employees from the specialist departments. The capacities that are released as a result, can then be used for your daily business.

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